El día 1 de abril los/as alumnos/as de 4º, 5º y 6º de Primaria vamos a realizar una salida a la Casa de la Cultura para ver una obra de teatro en inglés (play). El año pasado también hicimos esta actividad y nos gustó mucho. ¡¡Así que vamos a repetir la experiencia!!

Esta vez la obra de teatro es: "The Legend of King Arthur" (la leyenda del Rey Arturo):
The year is 726 and England is desperately seeking a new leader. Arthur becomes King when he takes the mythical sword Excalibur from it's stone. From here on in he will have to confront Morgan Le Fay (his half sister) who wants to strip him of his power. At the same time Gwynevere, Arthur's new wife, knows where to find the famous Holy Grail that brings eternal liife to whoever drinks from it. Morgan kdnaps Gwynevere and takes her to her cave to get the information from her.. Arthur, his knights (some fortunate mebers of the audience) and Merlin the magician begin a desperate search for Gwynevere and the Grail. Join us on this hilarious adventure to find out who gets there first!

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