Hemos comenzado a estudiar un nuevo tema, que trata sobre los oficios.

Here you are some games and activities to learn and review vocabulary:
Find pairs.

Match word and picture.

Memory game.

For Easter games, go to 6th Level!!!
How do you celebrate Easter?

Some people go to church on Easter Sunday.

You have brunch with your family (brunch=breakfast + lunch)

Easter egg hunting

Eat chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

Get an Easter basket.

Decorate Easter eggs.

El día 1 de abril los/as alumnos/as de 4º, 5º y 6º de Primaria vamos a realizar una salida a la Casa de la Cultura para ver una obra de teatro en inglés (play). El año pasado también hicimos esta actividad y nos gustó mucho. ¡¡Así que vamos a repetir la experiencia!!

Esta vez la obra de teatro es: "The Legend of King Arthur" (la leyenda del Rey Arturo):

The year is 726 and England is desperately seeking a new leader. Arthur becomes King when he takes the mythical sword Excalibur from it's stone. From here on in he will have to confront Morgan Le Fay (his half sister) who wants to strip him of his power. At the same time Gwynevere, Arthur's new wife, knows where to find the famous Holy Grail that brings eternal liife to whoever drinks from it. Morgan kdnaps Gwynevere and takes her to her cave to get the information from her.. Arthur, his knights (some fortunate mebers of the audience) and Merlin the magician begin a desperate search for Gwynevere and the Grail. Join us on this hilarious adventure to find out who gets there first!


Como me pedisteis, os pongo la letra de las tres canciones:

Seguimos con el pasado... More verbs:

Vamos a estudiar el pasado en inglés. Aunque parezca difícil, no os preocupéis, porque lo iremos estudiando poco a poco. Aquí tenéis algunas explicaciones:

* Recordad que en inglés, al hablar de pasado, los verbos se dividen en verbos regulares y verbos irregulares.
HOMEWORK FOR NEXT MONDAY: Page 38, activity 1

Let's revise what we have learnt in Unit 3 (vamos a repasar lo que hemos aprendido en la unidad 3):

Complete the test.

Wordsearch: school subjects.

Crossword: school subjects.

HOMEWORK!!!! (¡LOS DEBERES!). Llegan un poco tarde, pero mejor tarde que nunca. I'm sorry! Revisad la lista de vocabulario, porque posiblemente aquí esté en otro orden que en clase.
Para ver la lista de vocabulario, pinchad donde ponen "Download File" en verde.
Read, draw and colour:

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Download File

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer (the movie):

In Unit 2 we're learning about sea animals.

Let's see this video to revise vocabulary:


The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef in the world. It's got more than 2.900 reefs and it's so big you can see it from space! It is in Australia. Thousands of different types of animals live there.